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Professional Construction Accounting Service in Portland

Construction Accounting in Portland and Vancouver

Megochoice accounting focuses on analysis in the construction industry in Portland and Vancouver. We provide professional bookkeeping and tax services as well as construction business start-ups if you are planning to launch a business from A to Z. Accounting for a construction company is an integral part of successful business development, regardless of whether the business is a contractor, general contractor or builder. Regular accounting of business activities allows you to quickly generate financial and tax reporting, analyze projects, and make important strategic decisions for further your business development.

Construction accounting involves job costing, budgeting, financial reporting, tax compliance, and more. Megochoice also provides professional-related services including Estimates, Engineering, Real Estate, Web Design, and Marketing.

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Why Choose Megochoice Construction Accounting?

Our mission is to empower small and medium-sized construction companies by providing specialized complex accounting services that to optimizing the costs of the industry. We are committed to enhancing financial processes and acting as a strategic partner for our client's growth.

Megochoice entire professional activity has been and continues to be in the construction industry. We have more than 25 years of work experience in the residential construction sector. We have job experience in the structure of the engineering planning construction department to the cost estimate construction department in state projects.

Construction Accounting Service in Portland

All Construction Accounting Services

Our Megochoice construction accounting packages includes these main services below

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Start-up Business

In this stage, we help new companies from other construction industries launch a business. Taking important steps to start a business will help you avoid costly mistakes and significantly save time and budget on searching for the necessary information, that will the right launch your business. That will lead your business to success, making sure you don't waste time and money but do what is vital.

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Bookkeeping in construction is important for the reason that you need to carefully have maintenance of accounting records of business transactions. All material and economic activities of your business are reflected in accounting records (ledger). The work is supported by QuickBooks software, which is the most popular and used in small businesses, and has integrations with many third-party applications that work with your business.

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Accounting is an information system or business language based on guidelines or rules known as GAAP, developed by the FASB. This the process of analyzing, classifying, recording, summarizing, and interpreting business transactions in financial or monetary terms for your business to monitor the operation of the business and prepare financial and tax reporting.

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full payroll service

Full Payroll

If you hire an employee for a company, you are responsible for paying wages and paying taxes. It is a set of hiring documents and payroll-related that a business must maintain for each employee it hires. Therefore, understanding payroll procedures and maintaining appropriate payroll reports and records is essential to the success of your company.

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Tax Service

Payment of taxes is usually made to the tax authority, which is responsible for collecting taxes and monitoring compliance with tax laws in a particular jurisdiction. They typically exist at the local, state, and national levels and include some taxes, such as federal: The IRS; state: The Department of Revenue; and local: County tax assessors; City or municipal tax authorities; School district tax authorities; and Special district tax authorities.

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With our construction accounting service in Portland, small construction companies were able to focus on increasing their income

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Construction Accounting Packages

Small Budget - Perfect for a New Business


Bookkeeping record-keep in by utilizing
the latest accounting software
Accounting checkmark
Customize QuickBooks Software
Accounting checkmark
Organize Chart of Accounts
Accounting checkmark
Reconciliation 2 bank accounts
Accounting checkmark
Limit 200 transactions per month
Accounting checkmark
Financial Statements Delivered Monthly
QuickBooks Subscription is not Included
Additional Apps and Training is not included
Choose Core Package
Medium Budget - Ideal for a Growing Business


Growing business performance with analytics insights derived from quarterly reports
Core Package
Accounting checkmark
Fix assets
Accounting checkmark
Reconciliation 4 bank accounts
Accounting checkmark
Reconciliation of loans and c/cards
Accounting checkmark
Venders Reconciliation
Accounting checkmark
Tax Filings
Accounting checkmark
State Reports
QuickBooks Subscription is not Included
Additional Apps and Training is not included
Choose Advanced Package
Planned Budget - Grow successful business operation


Ideal for businesses looking to elevate their organization to the next level
Advanced Package
Accounting checkmark
Inventory Tracking
Accounting checkmark
Payroll Service
Accounting checkmark
Accounts Reconciliation
Accounting checkmark
Reconciliation 6 bank accounts
Accounting checkmark
Limit 1200 transactions per month
Accounting checkmark
Quarterly Close Books
Accounting checkmark
1099 Forms
QuickBooks Subscription is not Included
Additional Apps and Training is not included
Choose Premium Package

Why Construction Accounting?

Many years of experience in construction accounting got us to see valuable insights into the specific challenges that construction companies encounter in managing their finances and optimizing their overall work processes for sustainable business development. Small and medium-sized construction companies, in particular, often grapple with complexities such as project-based accounting, fluctuating material costs, high overhead expenses and intricate regulatory requirements. Our firsthand experience allowed us to appreciate these challenges and gave us the desire to provide tailored solutions.

Construction Accounting Service in Portland and Vancouver

Additional Services

Megochoice has variety of service from business start up to online marketing. Building a successful business is what majority of business owners pursue, this is why we have everything you need to succeed. We help Portland people and anyone who is local getting out there and bringing good results. Here are our additional services other than accounting.

Web Design in Portland

Having a good appealing website that is responsive on all devices is important. Potential clients and customers rate the businesses credibility based on how the website looks. A bad or no website can lead your customers away which is why we provide web design service in Portland and nearby areas like Vancouver to industries like construction, real estate, law and more to help local and any industry grow online.

Web Design Service in Portland
Web Design in Vancouver Washington
SEO Service in Vancouver WA

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a crucial element to have in order to be seen on Google and other platforms like social media. SEO brings traffic and potential clients increasing conversation rate helping business grow. We ensure to bring you expected results and drive traffic into your website.

Search Engine Optimization

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